Cesspit & Septic Tank Emptying

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Know your waste water tank legal requirements

From 2020, the UK government has brought new laws into effect for those with septic tanks and cesspits, prohibiting from waste discharge directly into a watercourse.

This rule is applicable for all new and old septic tank and cesspit solutions. Failure to follow the latest rules on sewerage water or releasing sewage water illegally can result in a large fine.

To ensure you don’t overfil your septic tank or cesspit, get in touch today to book an emptying service with one of our drainage engineers.

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We own and operate our own fleet of specialist drainage, vacuum and jetting vehicles.


We’ve been emptying septic tanks, cesspits and culverts for years and years!

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Know your waste water tank legal requirements

•If the septic tank becomes too full, the sewerage water will flow into the area around the tank, even backfill towards the house
•Your sinks, toilets and other drains may take longer to empty, even if you have tried to unblock the drainage system
•Solids may leach into the soakaway causing damage to the soakaway, or worse, sewerage water could enter waterways which is a criminal offence!
•You may begin to smell a foul, nasty stench around the location of the septic tank
•Damage to your buildings or neighbouring buildings may occur as the waste water management becomes distrupted resulting in settling pools that can ingress into brickwork.

We do much more than emptying waste water tanks!

Complete drainage installation

Our professional services include planning, installation and services of complete drainage solutions. This includes the installation of waste water storage tanks such as septic tanks. If you are in need of a new waste water management system, or if you require an upgrade to an existing solution, get in touch today to discuss your needs with us.

We excel in drainage services

The Drain Group is an extensive network of experienced engineers and cutting-edge equipment allows us to serve you with confidence, knowing we can tackle any drain-related issue quickly and efficiently. With our expertise and resources, we are prepared to handle any challenge that comes our way, providing you with the fastest and most reliable service possible. From routine maintenance to emergency assistance, we are here to ensure that your drains stay unblocked. Trust in our team to deliver the results you need and get back to your daily routine with confidence.

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